A photo of Dustin McCraw - Lead Software Developer

Dustin McCraw - Lead Software Developer

Lead Software Developer

As a senior software engineer, Dustin helps code the great ideas our customers send us into real features they can use in the TeamSnap app. He is a proud graduate of California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and has been writing code for almost 20 years in everything from C to Ruby.

Dustin grew up in Manteca, Cali., and is currently raising his family in Bakersfield but dreams of one day living in San Luis Obispo again. When not coding, he's into all things geek, including playing board games with his family, playing video games with his two boys, reading every science fiction and fantasy book he can get his hands on, and playing/reading/watching/enjoying anything Doctor Who or Star Wars. R2-D2 is his spirit animal.