A photo of Eric Harrison - Senior Full Stack Developer

Eric Harrison - Senior Full Stack Developer

Senior Full Stack Developer

As a senior full stack developer, Eric is responsible for ensuring that as much awesome as possible gets built into the TeamSnap apps. Eric has been interested in technology his whole life and started building computers and developing networking support in high school. He eventually moved on to development and it stuck. Before joining TeamSnap, he developed a product for a cancer research study that now has a patent pending.

Eric hails from Mesa, AZ, and, outside of living in Australia for six years, has lived in Arizona his whole life. When not technology-ing, Eric enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, and car racing. He, his father and his son connect across three generations by racing for a team called Wormhole Racing that placed first and second overall in its series in 2016. Eric possesses the unique power of making his co-driver in a race never want to drive with him again. Yikes!