A photo of Gypsie Raleigh - Customer Support Specialist

Gypsie Raleigh - Customer Support Specialist

Customer Support Specialist

As a customer support rep, Gypsie is a living breathing Siri for your TeamSnap experience. If she doesn’t know the answer, she’s determined to find out.

Gypsie grew up off-grid in the Mount Hood Wilderness, where she filled her days developing a passion for the creative arts. Today, she lives in Portland, Ore.; and has paid off all of her college debt by selling prints and drawings to people around the world. In addition to pictures of “little dudes,” Gypsie has a published book called “Soolie Beetch and the Dying Light,” and she performs and writes for local companies CSZ Worldwide and Thinking People’s Theater.

Gypsie has no pets, not even peeves. She prefers cheese to chocolate, clouds to sunshine, mountains to ocean, and real friends to imaginary ones (but only by a very small margin.) It is her deeply-held belief that you are absolutely fantastic and fascinating. And she congratulates you on reading all the way to the conclusion of this bio, as this means you are the sort of person who sees things through to the end, and that is an admirable trait that will doubtless bring you great luck.