A photo of Keeva - TeamSnap HQ Social Liaison

Keeva - TeamSnap HQ Social Liaison

TeamSnap HQ Social Liaison

Keeva serves as the TeamSnap HQ Social Liaison. Between ensuring that all visitors to the office are well attended to with gratuitous requests for petting, Keeva is also responsible for heading up the growing contingent of canine sports that uses TeamSnap. (They’re still working out the opposable thumbs issue.)

Originally hailing from the base of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Keeva is involved in many out-of-office activities. She can regularly be found wandering the trails in the nearby mountains, often carrying a log in her mouth of dimensions that would put Paul Bunyan to shame. Many of Keeva’s friends believe that she is a hybridized otter, as she has an intense love for water, and seldom obeys requests to leave her chosen aquatic paradise. She has even taken up partnered paddleboarding after living in Seattle for a 4-year stint.

Keeva lives in the mountain hamlet of Lyons, CO and when she isn’t surfing the rapids of the nearby St. Vrain River, it is usually a guarantee that a deep sonorous afternoon slumber has set in; head resting upon a gnarled teddy-bear toy.