A photo of Kyle Bacon - Designer

Kyle Bacon - Designer


When Bacon isn’t workin', he’s still slingin’ code in his free time or trimming prints at Portland State—soon to be his Alma Mater—with his handy X-Acto knife. He loves designing for every medium but especially loves long walks on the beach (true story!) and sunsets in the jungle of the digital world (If you could ever see it through those dang trees?!). Bacon has skills across the board, from illustration to marketing to coding websites and web apps. He has a knack for learning as he goes. He previously worked at Health Republic Insurance as the lonesome wolf marketing/sales graphic designer. He’s also been freelancing for quite some time, including at TeamSnap before making the full-time leap.

Bacon is originally from Yakima, WA, and now resides in the Portland area, experiencing everything that it has to offer, including, of course, coffee and a good microbrew with his homies. He likes to run and also nerd out over a good video game, film or TV show. If he had a superpower, it would be being able to watch every single "Star Wars" movie and not skip 1–3 (You know which ones … you know … with whiny Anakin.).