A photo of Lars Anderson - Senior Mobile Applications Developer

Lars Anderson - Senior Mobile Applications Developer

Senior Mobile Applications Developer

As a senior mobile applications iOS developer, Lars Anderson helps to make a more human product for our users. He originally got his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, but has since gone back to writing software. He's spent the last 5 years ghost-writing iOS software for companies including Nike, UnderArmour, ESPN, Verizon and Google.

Lars currently lives in Houston, TX with his wife, Anna. In his spare time, you'll find him on his mountain bike, searching for any flat trails Houston has to offer. Lars is also an avid home brewer, having just upgraded from extract to all-grain beer brewing. Notable skill: He can (and has) taken apart most everything in his house and put it back together, including cars, vacuum cleaners and computers. If it buzzes, whirrs, blinks or throws an error message, Lars can fix it.