A photo of Marika Dasbach - Club & League Support Specialist

Marika Dasbach - Club & League Support Specialist

Club & League Support Specialist

As a club and league specialist on TeamSnap's crackerjack Support Team, Marika solves problems for TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues customers, from helping them set up their account to fine-tuning communications to setting up registration to giving them great birthday gift ideas. Well, mostly the first three. Marika comes from a background in customer service and success, most recently with office-sharing marketplace PivotDesk.

Marika was born in Madison, Wisc., but grew up in Philadelphia (and is forever a Packers fan) and graduated from college at the University of Colorado with a BA in English literature. She's been a Boulderite since. In her spare time, Marika enjoys CrossFit, running or hiking mountain trails, and spending time with friends and family. Still a farm girl at heart, one day she hopes to have her own, complete with horses, cows and chickens.