A photo of Michael Michaud - Senior Full Stack Developer

Michael Michaud - Senior Full Stack Developer

Senior Full-Stack Web Developer

Mike is a senior full stack web developer with a primary interest and focus in Rails, Javascript and their ecosystems. He has been programming computers since before he could spell and has been helplessly and happily hooked on making cool things since well before that.

He is father to a couple of young boys who have already mastered the using of screwdrivers and husband to a beautiful and very patient wife who has become quite adept at the hiding of screwdrivers. He is a fifth-generation Fort Collins native and excels at talking about all the best trails for mountain biking, cliffs for diving, rocks for climbing and wilderness areas for backpacking. He is occasionally at least passable at making use of them as well.

When he is not creating things with a keyboard, he is an avid gardener, a chef-in-training, a wannabe photographer, an arduino addict, a capable machinist and an absolutely insatiable tinkerer-at-large.