A photo of Michael Vandiver - Customer Service Representative

Michael Vandiver - Customer Service Representative

Customer Support Representative

As a member of the TeamSnap customer support team, Mike is responsible for making sure TeamSnap customers are able to get the most from our product, and also for resetting a lot of passwords. Before joining TeamSnap, Mike spent 13 years as a stay-at-home dad to Whitney, Jenna and Tyler. He's also spent time in his soccer community as a Director of Coaching and a coach for several clubs and was the mascot for the Birmingham Barons during the Jordan years (no, really!).

Mike lives in Leeds, Alabama, and grew up in Birmingham. He might hold the TeamSnap record for most colleges attended, including Vanderbilt University, University of Alabama in Birmingham, Auburn University, Jefferson State Community College, and he's currently studying sports management at American Public University. Between the band room, volleyball court, soccer and lacrosse fields, barn, scouts, archery and regular life, free time is limited, but when he does have it, Mike enjoys geocaching, cycling, soccer and hanging with his family. He also holds a part-time job as founder and driver of the Vandiver personal teleportation service, Dad Taxi.