A photo of Roxann Asp - QA Tester

Roxann Asp - QA Tester

QA Tester

As a TeamSnap QA Tester, Roxann Asp (no relation to the snake) squashes bugs in our products before you ever see them. This is Roxann's second stint with us; She was the founding member of the QA department back in the day. Prior to joining and rejoining TeamSnap, she spent 18 years in education, mostly teaching high school.

Roxann grew up in Tigard, Oregon and currently lives in Beaverton, both of which are located near Portland. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga classes, walking and paddle boarding with her dog. She also took a few aerial yoga classes this year, which sort of looks like a bunch of vampires sleeping in a room, just waiting for the sun to go down. Roxann enjoys developing her mind-reading and telekinesis abilities. Also, she's super freakish about recycling.