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Sarah Wheeler - Software Developer

Software Developer

As a junior software developer for the TeamSnap Support Team, Sarah, tracks down and squashes bugs into oblivion so our customers only break a sweat during their sports activities, never over software. Sarah has loved coding since she was a kid and landed her first job as a junior developer for a financial industry recruitment website in 2014 after earning a certificate in Ruby Programming from the University of Washington. Before coding full time, Sarah worked in academia, running a youth mentorship program and teaching women's studies courses at San Diego State University, as well as serving as a project manager for more than 120 college textbooks.

Born and raised in Southern California, Sarah earned her B.A. from the University of California at Riverside and her M.A. from San Diego State University, both in women's studies. She's now based in Vancouver, WA, with her maltese-poodle mix, Lupin. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys knitting and spinning yarn (she's knit all the socks she owns!), gardening, reading, and planning for her future hobby farm consisting of bees, chickens and goats all living the dream with her.