A photo of Scott Maslar - Full Stack Developer

Scott Maslar - Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer

Scott Maslar is a full stack developer delivering solutions for TeamSnap where ever he’s needed. He has worked in a number of industries from finance to security awareness. Scott enjoys teaching and developing teams. He also volunteers as a software development mentor, as well as spending time with a civilc coding group called Code for OKC.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Scott has dabbled in a wide variety of hobbies. He has flown quad copters, built 3d printers and constructed a wearable Iron Man suit. Most recently, with the help of his children, he has rekindled his love for Legos and enjoys building kits and self made creations with his kids.

Scott lives in Oklahoma City with his wife, Jenai, and their three children. Scott and Jenai homeschool their children and enjoy frequent trips to the zoo and science museum. When they’re not out walking or visiting parks, they enjoy spending time with family and friends.