A photo of Sean Siler - Account Executive

Sean Siler - Account Executive

Account Executive

As an account executive at TeamSnap, Sean Siler expertly empowers sports organizations, leagues, teams and people to run the sports they love in an efficient and organized way. He can't promise that you'll improve at sports, but he will go out of his way to ensure the pains of sports management are mitigated.

Prior to joining TeamSnap, Sean navigated the stormy seas of cloud-based and premises-unified communications software (fancy words for telecom) while living in Denver, CO. Sean was born and raised in Tucson, AZ, but departed the Sonoran desert for the greener pastures and amazing mountains of Boulder, CO, where he attended the University of Colorado.

Like many who call Colorado home, Sean feels most in his element when hiking trails in Colorado's many State and National Parks, snowboarding with friends or just kicking back at a brewery to enjoy great craft beer and even better company. Typically, that company consists of his amazing wife Erin and their devastatingly handsome hounds Capone and Bugsy.

Outside of his family and being stereotypically Coloradan, Sean gets his jollies from playing indoor or outdoor soccer, beer-league softball or a casual game of volley ball in Wash Park. If he isn't playing sports, Sean will likely be found in one of Denver's many sports-oriented watering holes yelling (quite annoyingly) at TVs and encouraging his beloved CU Buffs, University of Arizona Wildcats basketball, Manchester United or really any sports team in Arizona.

Sean's super power is taking his energy, passion and competitive nature and focusing them on allowing businesses to provide the greatest amount of sports to the greatest amount of people. He believes sports have a unique power to unify us and shape our society to be the best "team" we can be.