Stephanie Myers Gonzalez

Director of Marketing Communications

As TeamSnap’s director of marketing communications, Stephanie is responsible for leading the direction of the marketing communications team to align with company goals and promote TeamSnap across myriad methods, including public relations, content marketing, email marketing and screaming from the tops of buildings.

Stephanie, her husband, their pup and their three kneady cats currently call Memphis, Tenn. home, but as a military kid and wandering young adult, she also lived in Massachusetts, Florida, Colorado, Turkey, Germany, Louisiana and Texas. With a degree in journalism, Stephanie's career has straddled the worlds of marketing communications and content development. She's been a reporter for a handful of outlets and has held marcom and public relations positions in a variety of companies, including Harmonix, the developer of Rock Band and Dance Central. A career highlight occurred in 2013, when she was a contributing writer for an episode of Prairie Home Companion's broadcast from Austin.

Stephanie enjoys swimming, hiking, camping and most things outdoors. Like all true athletes, she also enjoys pool, skeeball, darts and lawn games and previously wrestled in the Boston League of Women Wrestlers as a heel named Green Line Greta, a disgruntled subway driver. Her illustrious career ended when she broke both arms during a match. And people call wrestling fake.... Stephanie also likes cats and writing about herself in third person.

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