A photo of Tim Soderstrom - Senior Database Administrator & Ops Lead

Tim Soderstrom - Senior Database Administrator & Ops Lead

Senior Database Administrator & Operations Lead

Tim consulted for TeamSnap for years before jumping at the chance to join as a Senior Database Administrator in 2014. An experienced MySQL DBA and Linux SysAdmin, Tim formerly worked for Rackspace as a Linux SysAd and a MySQL DBA, and as a Senior Systems Architect at PhotoBiz, LLC.

In his spare time, Tim dabbles in writing web-apps and playing with microcontrollers and is working on an aquarium manager web app coupled with a hardware controller that keeps track of the temperature, turns lights on and off, plays fetch with the fish … stuff like that. In addition to being a systems brainiac, Tim also enjoys SCUBA and is musical, playing in a acoustic/chiptune band called Victim Cache, and even started an internal stream-based radio station at Rackspace. He lives in San Antonio with his wife, son and two dogs.