A photo of Tyler Knappe - Senior Software Engineer

Tyler Knappe - Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Tyler is a Software Engineer working to ensure using TeamSnap is an awesome experience! Tyler comes to us from working a few years in the consulting industry at Modus Create, Inc, where he spent his time doing full stack development in a variety of development environments. Prior to working for Modus, Tyler worked for a series of Mobile focused companies, building software for the healthcare industry and the green energy industry.

Tyler is a Colorado native and went to school at CU-Boulder, earning degrees in Computer Science and Astronomy. He lives in Boulder and can typically be found cycling, hiking and enjoying the great outdoors Colorado has to offer. It isn't uncommon to find him lugging around a large telescope, or staring off into the sky, please don't be concerned if you find him in such a state. This is perfectly normal.