A photo of Will Barnette - Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Will Barnette - Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Senior Software Developer

As a developer, Will is responsible for taking all the great ideas for TeamSnap that we get from customers and employees and making them a reality for our Club & League solution. It's magic, really. Before joining TeamSnap, Will spent five years building custom sites and web apps for clients as part of a small web shop he formed with a few long-time friends.

Will grew up in Denver and graduated from CU Denver with a BS in Music and spent eight years working as an engineer in radio and sports TV. He currently lives in Lakewood, Colo., where he loves spending time outdoors with his family and dogs, Olivia and Elliot, shamelessly (or righteously, depending on how you look at it) named after the lead characters in Law and Order: SVU. At 6-foot 8-inches tall, he's the dude you want to get that thing down off the top shelf for you.