LeagueSide Youth Sports Sponsorships

LeagueSide Youth Sports Sponsorships is Now TeamSnap Sponsorships! TeamSnap sponsorships connect brands with people in the happiest moments of their week by making community sports sponsorships easy to execute and measure at scale.

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LeagueSide is Now a TeamSnap Company!

TeamSnap acquired LeagueSide to bring on-field sponsorship opportunities to its leading technology platform

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LeagueSide Youth Sports Sponsorships

LeagueSide is the nation's leading youth sports sponsorship platform, providing access for regional and national brands to reach the 35+ million families involved in youth sports. LeagueSide was founded in 2015 with the mission to give everyone the opportunity to play. Since then, the company has grown its platform to feature over 20,000 local sports organizations, and has brought sponsorships with companies like DIRECTV, Chipotle, Uber, Verizon, and Post Brands to fields across the country.

TeamSnap Acquires LeagueSide in 2022

After acquiring LeagueSide, TeamSnap launched a unique offering for brands to connect with the youth sports industry, while bringing direct access to sponsorship opportunities to the more than 19,000 sports organizations that rely on TeamSnap's Clubs & Leagues sports management platform.

By bringing LeagueSide's innovative sponsorship solutions to its leading technology platform, TeamSnap is now able to offer brands direct access to digital and on-field sponsorship opportunities from one source. TeamSnap is also now offering on-field sponsorship opportunities to sports organizations that leverage TeamSnap's Clubs & Leagues solution, which can help make sports more affordable against a backdrop of rising fees and costs.

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