TeamSnap Customer Journey

Nothing makes us prouder than serving over 25 million people, 3 million teams and over 19,000 sport organizations who helped us become one of the highest ranked platforms for both team and club management software.

We have a highly engaged audience at home and on the go with games and practices. Parents spend an average of 3-5 minutes in the app and come back and average of 7 times per week.

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TeamSnap is the #1 youth sports coordination app that over 25M parents, coaches, players and fans can't live without.

3/4 of parents on TeamSnap have HH incomes greater than $100K

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of our users are parents - specifically household decision makers.


of TeamSnappers consider themselves the primary household shopper.

In our latest research study with the Aspen Institute, we found that TeamSnap families trust their coaches and communities more than larger institutions.

For example, nearly 3 in 4 parents were satisfied with their child’s coach’s response to the pandemic compared to 33% satisfaction with their country’s response.

Let’s take a look at what it’s like to be a parent using TeamSnap.

First, parents get an invite from their coach to join their team on TeamSnap.

Did you know that sports administrators for large leagues will often set up their organizations on our top competitor, but their teams actually use TeamSnap on a day to day basis.

  • TeamSnap MAU: 3.2M
  • Their MAU: 430K

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We also know that our competitor's users are on TeamSnap. 42% of their users visited TeamSnap in June 2021. Their Parents are 35 times more likely to visit TeamSnap!

Stats from Comscore

This means parents are making an active choice to use TeamSnap on a daily basis!

Getting ready for the season

In the beginning of their children’s sports season, parents will go through the schedule their coaches set up.

Family dinners, vacations, and schedules revolve around the sports season, so parents will often sync their calendars. Our most popular feature is calendar availability, which allows parents to let coaches know which games and practices their kids will attend.


Schedules were added to personal calendars


Events were added to personal calendars

Hear from a TeamSnap parent

Let’s look at an average day for a parent using TeamSnap.


Our Health Check tool was a first-to-market feature we developed during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep kids and families safe while participating in sports.

We've had 20M health checks completed since the feature launched.

Parents will see advertising throughout their experience that is relevant to their time in the app and non-intrusive to their TeamSnap experience.

TeamSnap parents and coaches continue to love their experience within the app.

TeamSnap App on Mobile and Desktop

Unlike our competitor, TeamSnap only shows advertising to the audiences you care about. Our competitor is a part of a large network, so your ads could show up on any of their properties.

Stats from Comscore

beyond the game

It’s game day!

A coach's perspective

Parents will look up directions to and from the upcoming game that’s out of town.

schedule phone
teamsnap live phone

Parents can chat with fans who couldn’t make it to the game and share pictures they captured of their team from the sidelines.5.3M photos have been uploaded in 2021.

After the game, parents can view the Post Game Report to catch up on photos they missed, the final score and get ideas for where they can go to celebrate after the game.

teamsnap postgame report

In fact Dairy Queen saw a 14.6% lift in foot traffic during their campaign, which is 2x above the QSR benchmark!

In between games and practices, parents keep coming back to TeamSnap.

Parents spend an average of 3-5 minutes in the app and come back an average of 7 times per week.

Our competitors focus on core team management features—like rosters, communication and scheduling. TeamSnap does all that plus we create fun features that keep our members engaged throughout the season—like Assignments, Post Game Report, Health Check and our relevant content.

49% of assignment center users are repeat users

As our 2nd highest trafficked game related feature - Post Game Reports enjoys up to 180K sessions a week

We see 9x higher engagement in our post game report vs. our average native ad unit

We’re on a mission to make sports more accessible to every kid who wants to play. We’ve teamed up with Project Play, Positive Coaching Alliance and are providing free solutions to organizations in need.

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