Shoot and Fake Drill

In this basketball drill players will learn the shot fake and shoot drill. Players receive the basketball off a chest pass, fake a shot, dribble once, and then shoot. When it is your turn, make sure to keep in mind your position on the court when deciding to use the backboard or go straight for the net in this Magic Johnson Basketball Drill.


Now, a variation of that, they're gonna come around and catch the ball here, they gonna shot fake, one hard dribble this way, and shoot. Now if you get in this position, this angle right here, you should use the backboard. If you around this position, probably want to go all net with it. Okay? Let's see it.

He catches, ball fakes, one hard dribble, jumper, good. 

Good job. There you go. Move. 

Good passes. Also you working on your passes on this as well. A good sound chest pass should reach it all the way up to the top.

Oh, don't let the ball knock you out, man. Good shot, he used the backboard. Good job, Ronnie. 

Oh, nice little ball fake, Robbie. Make a shot. 

Caden run around the screen. You have to remember when you're doing a drill like this, you got to make sure you use your imagination. Pretend somebody, pretend I'm guarding you. 

Pretend you trying to get away from me, Ryan. Oh you better move faster than that. Why you looking at the ground?


Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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