Jump Stop Stationary Dribble

The jump stop stationary dribble is fast paced basketball drill that will improve a player's body position, leg strength and coordination. Make sure you are pounding the ball hard and keeping your hand just above your knee, right in front of your toe. As always, keep your head up and your arm bar out. Make sure you have your feet in a wide stance for balance and avoid "duck feet." Perform the drill with your right arm, then turn around and do it with the opposite arm. Visit www.MagicFundamentals.com for more.


Now, pounding the ball is very, very important. All the dribbling drills you do at home, bounce the ball hard. You want to keep the ball below your knee. The ball, you want pound the ball here. You want your head...perfect position is your head right in the center of your feet. Pound the ball just like this, with your head up, nice angles in the back, just like this. Okay? You don't want the ball all high, you want the ball in right front of that toe. Right there. Okay?

What they're gonna do now, they're gonna jump-stop at each line. They're gonna pound the ball. Okay? Let's see 'em. Right, Andrew? Each line. Pound it.

Good job. Heads up.

Positive step. Watch the positive step. They still taking a positive step once they come out of this position.

Good job.

Get your feet apart. You want some balance when you do this as well. You don't want your feet apart like this. We call this "duck feet." When I say "quack, quack," that means their feet are like this, when they're dribbling, at their position dribbling like this. Also, you have no balance when you're like this. Your balance come here: shoulder width, just outside your arms, right there, pounding the ball. Okay? What they're going to do now, they gonna jump-stop with the left hand. They gonna pound the left hand. Let's see it.

Hey, look, you have to have a strong position. I should not be able to push him over. I should be able to lean all my weight on him, and look, he's not moving. Okay, now, if his feet were closer, he would not be able to hold his balance.

Now, look at the focus here. Now, she's smaller but watch, the same thing. I can put my weight on her and she's not going anywhere, so when she dribbles through traffic, she can handle all that.

And this guy just has nice hair. If you got nice hair, you can dribble well too. Right, Rod?

Where's your balance? Strong. Protect the ball. Now look, I shouldn't be able to do this to his arm, I should be able...

Good. Good job.

I'm not even going to bother pushing you, I'm going to sit on you.

Good job.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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