L Cut Layup Drill

Layups are critical offensive scoring shots, and this basketball drill teaches how to perform an L Cut Layup. It involves popping out, turning, breaking the basketball low around your defender, and coming around for your layup. It is important to perform this drill at game speed to get the most out of it. www.MagicFundamentals.com.


Here what we're gonna do. We're going to do an L Cut. L Cut, you're going to pass the ball up top and actually we're going to go this way. You're going to pop out here, receive the ball, just rake it through, and go make a layup, okay?

L Cut. Good. Pop out. Rake the ball low. Hold up. 

Okay, it's very key to do this. Here, I want you to trail me. She's trailing me on defense. If I go up here, I need separation. I separate. Come. If I turn like this, this could happen. When you turn, you need to jump stop, rake the ball low, and go to the basket. Okay? So I need everybody to rake it low. 

Good chest pass. Good hard pass. Swing it low. Good. Oh, nice hesitation move. 

L Cut Robby. L Cut, okay, bring the line over this way. Pop out quick, rake it through low, good. 

Go hard. You guys not going hard. You gotta go game speed, all the time. So when you get in the game, it comes natural to you. 

Good fella. Good. Good ball fakes. Okay.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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