Offensive Passing Drill

Watch this youth basketball drill to help your basketball players improve offensive passing techniques and opportunities.


Coach 1: Okay. Pass here, I'm gonna give it to you, then you clear out to the other side, okay? All right, let's start it up again. Small and slow. Good. Good. Good.

Coach 2: Go up, go up, go up. 

Coach 1: Good. Fill the open spot. 

Coach 2: Good. Cut through.

Coach 1: Cut through to the left. Open spots, open spots. Remember, fill those spots. Up. Good.

Coach 2: Where's the open spot?

Coach 1: Good, good, good, good. Again. 

Coach 2: Where's the open spot? Good. Where's the open spots? Open spots! Good.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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