Wire Pass and Shooting Drill


The main purpose is to practice catching and shooting the ball. Also, passing, rebounding, and outlet passing is worked on.

How it Works:

This drill is performed with the team divided into three groups. One group lines up on the baseline, another group lines up on the foul line and the final group lines up at half court.

The ball begins on the foul line. The first player in line passes the ball to the first player in line at half court. That player is moving forward to take a shot from three point range. The player catches and shoots the ball. Meanwhile, the first player in line at the base line moves under the basket. That player rebounds, passes to the next player on the foul line, and then moves to the line at the foul line.

The player on the foul line moves to the half court line once the pass is made to the shooter. The shooter moves to the end of the line at the base line.

Coaching Points:

The shooter should catch the ball while setting his feet to shoot. It should be one continuous motion catching and shooting. The player should be under control at all times.

The passer should accurately make a chest pass so the shooter can catch and shoot. The rebounder should rebound with two hands, pivot, and make an accurate chest pass to the passer.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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