Pass Fake Drill

The pass fake is a critical skill for any basketball player to learn. Watch this pass fake basketball drill from the King James Academy for tips on mastering your passes.


Coach: Number one, you cannot pass through the legs. Number two, never turn your back. Never turn your back. When you turn your back, you can't see anything, all right? You can of course throw the ball over your head. You might get lucky once or twice, but that's a bad habit. You've got to stay...face where you're trying to throw the ball. Okay? Ready? Let's go. Here we go. Now. All right.

Coach: What you do is you pick a foot. 

Boy 3: Either one?

Coach: Either one, right? So if I'm ball faking, yes, I can just do that because I'm taller than him. So work on a different kind of pass, challenge yourself a bit. Either foot is a pivot foot. Can I step out this way? Yes? Can I step across this way? If I catch it, I can step with my left foot too. So work on something else other than lobbing it over a guy who is a foot shorter than you.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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