Flare to the Corner

This is a great youth basketball drill to teach intermediate players how to avoid aggressive defenders and score a jump shot. Know when to curl and when to flare when on offense. The flare the corner move is a great way to get open for a jumper on either side of the floor. www.MagicFundamentals.com.


If he's defending me, the reason that you would curl, if he's defending me and he trails me around this screen I curl like this, I receive the ball, the defender's always gonna be behind you. Okay? 
But this is when you flare. You flare when he decides to say, "Well you know what that screen last time this big fella knocked me on my behind, so what I'm gonna do now I'm gonna avoid that screen and go up here." Once he go up there, you just flare back this way, catch the ball and you're gonna shoot right here. Okay?

So what they gonna do, is they gonna pass the ball up here to my assistant, once he catches the ball he's gonna loop around right here and he gonna pop out, flare the corner and shoot a jump shot. Ready, go. Good. You gotta make sure you sail, that you going up top. Hold your pose on your shots. Beautiful. Wait till they get the ball. Wait till you get the ball before you pass. Now go. Good Robbie. Good. You had to be the one to go way out there. Nobody asked you to go that deep. Uh-oh, sling shot. Eat some Wheaties, man. Come on get the...oh my God, we've got the first one of the day. It's never up, it's never in. Good shot, Lacey. Good. Good job, and you would do this drill from both sides of the floor. 

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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