Catching and Shooting Under the Hoop

This basketball drill works on catching and shooting, specifically focusing on form and habits near the basket. The shooter should be in the ready position with his knees bent and hands up at his chest making a good target, ready to catch from the in-bounder. Once he receives the ball he catches, and then goes up to shoot the ball. Be careful not to dip the basketball, but to take it straight up. This basketball drill is especially useful for in-bound passes to an offensive player under the hoop.


In this segment, we're gonna work on catching and shooting. And again, we're gonna work very close to the basket because I think it's important that you don't worry how far you are, that you're working on the good form and we're developing great habits. So, the first thing Ian wants to do is get his knees bent and be ready to catch the ball. He wants to give the target for the passer. He always wants to beg for the ball. He wants to be down, ready to catch the ball and be a good shooter. Don't pass yet, Sean, but as he catches, the biggest key is not to dip the ball because if he dips the ball down, he is gonna lose precious time and a defender will get close to him and probably disallow the shot. So, we want to make sure that we catch and go up with the shot immediately. So it's catch and up.

And we use that phrase a lot when we teaching shooters. Catch, up. So, right now, Sean's gonna pass to his hand, Ian's gonna catch, go up, and shoot the ball. All this follow-through, again Sean's gonna rebound it, pass it to Ian, catch, and up. All right, let's go again. Hands are ready, knees are bent, catch, up and hold your follow-through. One more time. Pass it, catch, and up. Very good. So again, to reinforce what we're trying to do, Ian's knees are bent, he's ready to go off his feet and shoot the ball, his hands are up with the target, passer wants to hit the shooter in his hands and then, as we catch the ball, again what we don't want to do is dip the ball down. We want to catch and go up to the basket. All right? So that's what we're trying to accomplish with this drill.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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