1-Minute Shooting Drill

Youth basketball players have 60 seconds to shoot as many baskets as possible in this basketball drill. Each shot is assigned a point value. The basketball player with the most points at the end wins.


Coach 1: All right, so what you're going to do, you have one minute, one minute to shoot. When that buzzer goes off, you are done. Coach, he's going to be underneath the basket, turning the points. He's going to add them up and then tell you how many you got. So we've got a line right here behind the coaches. All right? If you make the three, you get five points. You can shoot from here to get it in, or there, three points. Two lay-ups only, and they are worth how many points?

Child: Five!

Coach 1: One. Two points, three points, any three is worth five. Now you can shoot wherever you want. All right, now ready? [inaudible 00:00:52] and I'm going to blow the horn. Boom! Horn, he starts. You do not wait. You understand the drill? All right, get with your commission. I'm going to put the time on the clock. Let's go.

Coach 2: How much is a three-pointer worth?

Children: Five!

Coach 2: How much is an elbow shot worth?

Children: Three!

Coach 2: Great. How much is a pull-up shot worth?

Children: Two!

Coach 2: How much is a layup worth?

Children: One!

Coach 2: How many layups can you shoot?

Children: Two!

Coach 1: Greg Jones.

Twenty seconds, next shooter get ready!

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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