7 Quick Hockey Drills for Rec Players

Most recreational hockey players don’t have much spare time to work on technique. However, if you can get in just an hour a week of stick time, you are definitely on the right track to improving your game. Here are some quick hockey drills you can work on:

Explosive starts and stops: Skate quickly to the blue line and stop. Then skate to the red line and stop again. Turn and work it the other way. Repeat at least five times.

Crossovers: Keeping your stick on the inside, skate clockwise through the circles while working on your crossovers. Then do the same counterclockwise. Repeat each direction five times.

Back skate: Skate backwards through the circles at least five times.

Wrist shots: Starting out with the puck behind the net, skate to the blue line. Then accelerate to the net and take a wrist shot. Repeat five times.

Shooting: Line up five pucks in the slot. Take quick slapshots, wrist shots, and snap shots.

Technique: Spread five pucks out at least three feet apart. Stick handle through them with a puck, focusing on technique rather than speed. Repeat five times.

Finishing touches: End your workout with at least three starts and stops.

Remember: if you can’t get to the rink to practice, try these tips at a roller rink with a roller puck. Practice makes perfect!

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Release Date: Nov 12 2014

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