Hammer Drill - Girls Lacrosse

In this lacrosse video, Coach Sheehan Burch and her players explain a fantastic drill for coaches to use in practice to get offensive and defensive players ready for any type of game situation. This Girls lacrosse drill applies various skills in a game-like environment.


We're going to demonstrate a modified hammer drill. This is a fantastic drill for coaches to use in practice to get both their defense and attack ready for game situations. The purpose of the hammer drill is depending on how many players you have out here, you can have feeders at each hash mark with the ball, or in this case we have only two field players, we have ground balls at each hash mark.

The attacker receives the ball, whether by grandma pick-up or pass under pressure. Defense is playing 100% at all times. It's just two people in these eight meters. It's a condensed area, and the attacker's job is obviously to go to goal and score, and the defense's job is to make it as difficult as possible. Challenge on the catch, challenge on the ground ball. Make sure that their path to goal is really contested the entire way. 

Now, if you're attacker, if you shoot and miss, the goalie makes a save, you drop the ground ball, miss the pass, whatever it is, that ball is dead. You move on to the next one. 

So, again, for coaches, you can make this a continuous sequence, possibly use five balls, after that, your players are probably going to get a little too tired. So, you want to make sure you rotate it. Keeps on going, very great movement, and a real heart rate generator for both the attack and defense.

We're going to do it with some ground balls on the hash mark here. I'll be playing attack. Again, defense should be contesting the ground balls. This is game-like situation, and as attacker, you don't have all day. You want to make sure you make a great path to goal. If the goalie makes a save, you just start running and going after that next ball.

So, try to make a move, I'm going to go after the ground ball. Defense is on me. Try to get open. Make a shot, and I go right after the second ball. Good defense here. Fake the goalie, make a shot, and then I'm going after the next ball. You keep on going until you run out of opportunities. Rolled, ball down, I'm going after the next ball. 

You can see this makes the defense move and work just as much as the attack. And, you can hear me breathing now. This will really get you ready for game-like situations. Again, use as many balls as you want. You can add feeders out there to get the whole team involved. Great way to practice game-like movement. 

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Release Date: Jul 16 2013

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