High to Low Shots on Goal

In this lacrosse video, Major League Lacrosse player Jesse Hubbard explains how to take a high-to-low shot on goal. By being able to identify the spot you want to hit and shooting from high to low, this will give many players a good chance to hit the net.


As an offensive Lacrosse player, if you're around the cage with the ball, and you want to finish the ball you've got to act quickly. If I'm dodging from this wing, I got to decide where to shoot before I get hit. A great place to shoot if I'm coming around this way is to that lower right corner. 

The goalie is going to be on the near pipe, taking up that spot. If I shoot high to low into that corner, I'm most likely to score. So it's a split second decision, you've got to visualize the ball going in, and hit the spot. Let me demonstrate one here. Just remember, get a shot off quick. The shot doesn't have to be a perfect shot, just hit your spot.

Release Date: Jul 16 2013

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