Triple Threat Position - Boys Lacrosse

In this lacrosse video Coach Matt Ward explains and demonstrates the Triple Threat position, from which a lacrosse player can dodge and run with the ball, pass, or shoot. This is another essential lacrosse stick skill for young lacrosse players.


Once you're able to get the ball on your stick in a game of lacrosse, the best place to locate your stick is what we refer to as a triple threat position, and that position is up here, next to your head. The reason it's called the triple threat is because you have three options. You can start any dodge with your stick up by your head. You can do the face dodge, you can do the split dodge, and you can also start into your roll dodge, but you can also pass the ball, which is the second of the three options when it's in triple threat. If I have my stick up here, my stick is the in the perfect position to throw a pass to a team mate, but also it allows you to shoot the ball. All good shooting motions start with the stick in the over hand position near your head. So remember, if you're able to have your stick in the triple threat position, you have many more options to be an effective lacrosse player, and you always have the opportunity to shoot the ball.

Release Date: Jul 16 2013

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