Heather O’Reilly: Shooting Drills

As a soccer midfielder and forward, U.S. Women's National Team star Heather O'Reilly loves working on soccer shooting drills the most. She thinks it's best to have just 4 or 5 people involved in the shooting drills so each player gets a lot more ball touches.


As a midfielder and forward, I love shooting drills. I think they're the most fun. I could be out on the field for hours, shooting, doing volleys. And the best is when you just have four or five people out there with you. You get so many shots in, and it's just so much fun. So, I love shooting. 

Something that maybe is not so fun is definitely the fitness work. I mean, I don't mind running, but it's definitely not what I'm going to wake up and dance around my apartment to. I think that soccer is so fitness-based, especially now I changed positions and I'm a midfielder. So, my fitness has kind of changed. Now I have to last 90 minutes going from basically end line to end line. So, that's something that you really have to put the time and the work into, in order to see the results.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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