Asteroid Blast

A soccer shooting drill with a twist to improve your soccer attack. Soccer players and coaches rely on a good imagination to add some extra pressure to the attacking soccer player in hopes of "saving the world."

How it works: Tell the group the story of the films Armageddon/Deep Impact where an asteroid is heading towards earth and will destroy the planet unless their missiles can blow it up.

The balls are the missiles and the goal is the asteroid.

Set the group a target they must achieve to save the earth. Make this first target easily achievable eg. 3 minutes to impact, 3 missiles to destroy the asteroid.

On a signal from the coach Player 1 in each square has to dribble their ball through each of the other three squares (in any order) and then stop the ball anywhere between the two cones in line with the penalty spot.

Player 1 must run back to their square after leaving their ball (loading their missile) between the cones.

As soon as Player 1 is in the square Player 2 must do the same and then Player 3.

Download Document: asteroid+blast.pdf

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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