7v7 + 1 Game

This soccer drill creates a soccer game-like situation with one neutral player who is always on the attacking or offensive soccer team. This soccer drill Improves all around soccer skills and speed.

It is always good to end each soccer practice with a game like situation so if you have 15 players, this is a good way to simulate a game. The players are usually tired at the end of soccer practice and that is what the end of a game will feel like so they should practice playing hard when they're tired.


Coach: Coaches, it's very important to finish every training session with a game as close to the numbers that they actually play in the league on Saturday or Sunday. Here, we have 15 players and for this age group they normally play eight versus eight. With 15 players, I don't have eight versus eight. But what I did do is playing seven versus seven, and one neutral player who plays for both teams. So when the team has the ball, they have eight players. Something that you should take into account is that these guys have been playing and training for close to two hours in some pretty tough heat. They're doing a great job for us, but it's certainly expected that some things tend to break down as they work out in the heat. I'm very proud of these boys today.

Thank you. Good idea, good idea. Head home. Halt. If I take my ball right now and I go home, and somebody who has come up here and look at the shape of both teams, would they be able to tell which team is attacking and which team is defending? Okay, so halt for a moment. Green is attacking, so change your shape. Let me just see. I like that. I like that, Keeper [SP], that you become connected, beautiful. Get out of this space so you can come into it. Okay? Get out of it. Get out of it so you can come into it. Good. Good. Get out of here so he can come in or maybe he can find you.

Get the ball moving. Good. Well done. Well done in the back. Keep it moving, Zack, with a dribble in the past (?). Good. Holie [SP], Keeper, I want you right now, since your team...we're going to let Green have the...is your team Green or Blue? You're Green?

Keeper: Yes.

Coach: Okay, sort your team out because evidently they're not sorting the shape out. You have the ball, you're gonna distribute it. Tell them where you want them to go. Where are your backs going? Talk to them. Yeah, I know. What kind of shape do you want? Good. Hey, hold on a minute. How about at the midfield? What do you wanna see at the midfield? Open it up. Good. Come on out here, right to the touchline. Good. Central mid, stretch it a little bit so you can check back in there, and you stay high forward. Okay. Look forward, open up. That's green ball, we're not blue. Good. Well done, Zack. Nice ball, Pam. Change it, Zack, try to find another place. Good idea.

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Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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