Dribble Across A Square

This soccer drill works works on control dribbling, speed dribbling, turning, peripheral vision, instinctive reactions and reflexes and acceleration into open space at your next practice.


Use 4 disk cones to make a square about 10 steps wide (smaller or larger depending on age & number of players) -- make your "steps" the size of your players; so a "step" for U-8 is shorter than a "step" for U-14... by doing this, the square will always be about the correct size for your players.

Every player has a ball.





Spread players around the square, all facing inward

All players start on "Go" & each player dribbles across the square & back. (Tell them to dribble to the imaginary line on the opposite side of the square, make a turn & dribble back to where they started. Point out at the first of the game that the cones create an imaginary "Starting Line" and "Turning Line" for each player).

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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