Soccer Exercises For Young Soccer Players

Jozy Altidore is one of the bright young stars playing soccer for the U.S. Soccer team. He currently plays for Sunderland in the English Premier League and recently teamed up with Go Pro Workouts to share his off-season training program with young aspiring athletes. Two exercises that Jozy performs regularly improving his quickness and core strength are the side planks with rotation and barbell front squats. Start incorporating these exercises into your athlete’s training routine and help them become faster and more complete players.

Exercise: Side Plank with Rotation

Exercise Description: Hold yourself up on a forearm with your legs straight and extended to your rear. Raise the opposite arm straight into the air toward the ceiling. Next, rotate that straight arm to the ground and underneath your body. Pause briefly and then return it back into the air. Repeat motion and then switch sides. 

Perform: 4 sets, 10 reps each side. 

Exercise: Barbell Front Squats

Exercise Description: Hold the barbell with your palms facing upward and hands at shoulder-width distance. Your feet should be at shoulder-width distance as well. Keeping a neutral spine, squat slowly to the ground until your buttocks and knees become parallel. Pause briefly and raise up. Repeat. 

Perform: 4 sets, 8 reps each. 

Release Date: May 30 2014

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