Defending 1 v 1

When an opposing soccer player is attacking head on, the keys are for the soccer defender to delay and force the ball to the outside. This soccer drill shows how a defender should position their body to guide the attacking offensive player to the outside and not let them pass by.


Ok now we're going to do a drill, 1V1, but for focusing on our defenders. Many times you'll be in a game, and you're gonna have the forward coming to you. What do you do? You're looking to delay the forward from passing you, you're trying to force him to the outside, force him to his weak foot. You also do not want to get caught flat footed and have the ball go through your legs.

So here we're gonna emphasize on a defender. I'll be the defender to start off. Arul will be the forward. Okay, you also always want to be on the side, okay, you always want to force him to the outside. Delay, do not let him pass, okay? You don't want to let him pass. Okay that's what something that you want to look for, okay? Let's get in here. All right. Delay him. Do not let him pass. Force him to the outside. That's it. Good.

Okay one other thing that you wanna look for is if he's coming to his right side, you want to force him to your right side. If he cuts to his left side, you want to force him to the left side, okay? Let's go.

Good, you want to delay and hold him there. Okay. If the forward is a righty, you want to force the forward to go to his left. If the forward is a lefty, you want to force him to go to his right foot.
It's very important to stay on the balls of your feet, on your toes, always to move, so it makes it easier for you to turn wherever the forward goes with the ball.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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