Criss Cross

This is a simple unopposed passing soccer drill to improve players' push pass and first touch. It also allows the coach to work with a number of players in a fairly small area. Encourage players to aim for a high standard. Older players should be able to recognize and correct their own faults.

For a youth soccer team to be successful, it is essential all players learn to pass consistently and receive a ball comfortably over short distances. Use this type of practice regularly for short periods at a time.

Place four marker discs in cross pattern 10-15yds apart as shown. One football at each of two adjacent cones. Players pass - two touch - to opposite player and then run to disc on their right. Don't have long queues, split larger groups into more than one grid. Make it competitive - challenge two grids who can play for longest without losing control?

Download Document: crisscross.pdf

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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