Coach in the Middle

Passing is the foundation of soccer because without control of possession, you can't score or win games. This passing games bring the coach squarely into the mix and is fun for all involved.

How it works Players are put into two equal teams. The blue team have three players in each area either side of the central zone. The red team has one player in each of those areas and two players at each end who stand outside the playing area. Players must all stay in their own area. The coach stands in the central zone and starts the drill with a pass to one of the blue players on either side. A player can take the role of the coach in the central zone if you wish. Blue players must dribble or pass to keep possession of the ball within the playing area. The blue players can pass the ball back to the coach in the central zone at any time.

The coach then turns and passes the ball to a blue player on the other side of the central zone where the blue team again have to combine to keep possession of the ball. A blue player can pass directly back to the coach if they are under pressure but every time the coach receives the ball they turn and pass the ball into the other area. The red players on each side try to pressure the blue team into making an error or win possession of the ball and kick it out of the playing area. If this happens the two teams swap roles, changing the defender each time. The teams compete to make the largest number of passes before an error is made.

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Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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