Star Wars

This is a moving target soccer passing drill, with the goal of the soccer passes to actually MISS the target (a player dribbling a soccer ball through the center of the passing lanes).

How it works Blue player tries to dribble the ball to get through the cone gate at the other end of the playing area. Red players try to pass their ball to hit the ball of the blue player. (Stress hitting through the middle of the ball to keep it down). Give red players 15 seconds to reload their missiles (get a ball ready) before the second blue player sets off to try and do the same. Repeat with blue players trying one at a time to get back down the playing area and through the cone gate where they started. Team score = number of hits on their ball. Two blue players go to the side and another team of two try to beat their score. Repeat until everyone has had a go.

Download Document: star+wars.pdf

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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