Timed 4v2 Keep-away

The objective of this attacking soccer drill is to create a pressure situation in which SPEED of soccer play is trained. This soccer drill focuses on speed training.

4 soccer players spread out in a confined space setup by cones try to keep the soccer ball away from two defenders that come into the middle. The defenders try to kick the soccer ball out of the space or steal possession of it as quickly as possible. Once the two defenders steal the ball or kick it out of the space, they run to the back of the line and two new defenders try to do the same thing and beat the previous time. Use a different ball for each new set of defenders, and usually 6 balls works well for the entire soccer drill.


Instructor: Here's the game. This is called "timed four versus two." When I kick the first ball in, the time starts, all right? Your job is to keep the ball going, possessing it, while the first two guys run in and try to destroy it, get it out of the box. If you guys are successful getting the ball out of the box, get out of there because the next ball comes in and these two go, and you guys come back and get in line, you understand? At the end of all six balls, I'll turn around you and go "Stop," okay? Or you can stop it yourself when the last ball is kicked out. All right, you understand the rules? What do you think about the size of the area? Would you like to adjust a little bit?

Boys: No.

Instructor: You don't want is adjusted. Why not?

Boy: Because we want to get the ball.

Instructor: Okay. So they just made a great point. The defenders don't want adjusted and made bigger because it's easier to defend in small spaces, thus attacking play should be wide and long. But I'm going to give you one step out in each direction. So let's take the cone one step out that way. Good. Cool. All right, are you ready, time keeper?

Boy: Mm-hmm.

Instructor: That's out, get off. No, you can't go in until the ball goes in. That's out. Okay, two more. That's out.

Boy: Twenty-eight seventy.

Instructor: Twenty-eight?

Boy: Seventy.

Instructor: Let's call it 29. Remember, you've possessed the 6 balls for 29 seconds. Come on over here. Green, you get in, but get me six soccer balls, please. I love this game. I'd rather play it than coach it. But you guys are the lucky ones, you're the players. All right, you ready? I like it, I like it. That's out. That's out. Oh, well done. Good, get off. That's out. Nice move, I like it. That's in, that's out, here we go.

Boy: Thirty-three seconds.

Instructor: Thirty-three seconds. Okay, now hold that for just a moment. In a normal situation here, what I would probably do is let them each play another game to give the team that only had it, possessed for 29 seconds, to have a chance to come back. But that little game puts a little bit of fun and the pressure of time on to the activity, and as you all know, in this game we have three pressures: opponent, space, and time.

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Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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