Basic Attack Technique

It's important for a youth volleyball player to explode into an attack shot. In this youth volleyball video, a coach breaks down one of the most important youth volleyball skills with a three-step approach.


An attack has two major elements that you need to put together in order to be effective. The first is a three step approach. Rachel is right handed so we're gonna demonstrate as a right handy would do this. The first thing Rachel is gonna do is take one small step with her left foot, and then a bigger step with her right, and then she's going to put her legs together with her final step. You see how Rachel is already bent in the legs? It's because she's ready to explode up to hit the ball. Good job, Rachel, take a step back.

In conjunction with your three step approach, you need to add your arms. So, as Rachel takes her first step, she's gonna bring her hands backwards and then as she takes the next step she's gonna bring her arms forwards so that she can get the momentum. From here, she brings her arms all the way back above her head, she keeps her left arm up to guide the ball, and then, she's going to bring her arm all the way up and snap through. Let's see what this look like without a ball. Left, right, left, up, through. Good.

That second step that Rachel takes is much bigger than the first because she gets all of her power from it. Let's see it again. Left, right, left, Good. When she gets to this point, before she jumps, she has lots of momentum and power in her legs and that's where Rachel gets all of her height. Let's see it one last time. Left, right, left, hit. Nice job. Now let's see what attack looks like with the ball and at full speed. Nice job. Nice job. Rachel has a big, strong left, right, left approach, she reaches up high, above the net and follows through. Let's see another one. Nice job. Nice job. You see how high Rachel gets above the net? Good job. Let's see one more, last one. Good. Nice job.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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