Set, Dig and Smash Drill

This youth volleyball drill is for more advanced volleyball players to help improvement the movement between teammates while setting, digging, and smashing.


Player 1 sets the ball to player 2 who sets the ball back to player 1 then defensive digs the ball up in the air to player 3 who sets to player 2 to smash to player 1.

Coaching Points

FOR DEFENSIVE DIG: Knees bent and legs just wider than shoulder width apart Eyes on the ball to the point of contact with wrists, ensuring wrists are together Head level with the ball at point of contact Ensure power through the arms to get the ball over the net.

FOR SET: Eyes up looking at ball trajectory Knees bent On balls of feet Bending the elbows and pushing through the ball with fingers at point of contact.

FOR SMASH: Eyes on the ball, other arm used as a guide Player leans slightly back prior to contact with the ball Upon contact, push body weight forward to generate power through the shot Stay tall on balls of feet Keep knees bent.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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