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Simple Sports Club or League Scheduling Software & Schedule Maker

Hey, it’s the 21st century. Don’t waste blood, sweat and tears manually building a club or league schedule when you can generate one. Easily and quickly connect your divisions, teams and locations in TeamSnap to our partner, Diamond Scheduler, and voilá! A custom add-on schedule is yours.

TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues allows you to import your divisions, teams and locations instantly to create a schedule add-on through our partner Diamond Scheduler.

With Diamond Scheduler, you can quickly generate a balanced game or practice schedule by applying team, location and schedule-based specifications. The live timeslot-conflict checker prevents you from ever scheduling your teams for overlapping games and events again. Save embarrassment for another day.

Seamlessly export your schedule back to TeamSnap, allowing you to share it with your players and coaches at the click of a button. Congratulations. You are now a scheduling hero!

  • The special tournament scheduling feature allows you to easily build your tournament tree with single or double elimination. Yes, with our help, schedules really do grow on trees!
  • With the recurring weekly schedule feature and constraints, you can schedule out your entire season in one fell swoop. Hmm, you'll need a new hobby with all that extra time on your hands.
  • In case a game is cancelled or rained out, see open time slots for rescheduling in an instant. Who's smarter than you? Nobody.

Get a demo today and see how our Diamond Scheduler club or league scheduling software and app add-on can save you time.

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