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Between the desktop version of the service and the TeamSnap app, our club has a streamline of communication with our teams and coaches that many other clubs do not. One of the biggest compliments we receive as a club is that we are very organized and communicate information well. TeamSnap has a lot to do with that.

— Mychal Martinez,

Colorado Premier Basketball Club

TeamSnap made the logistics much more streamlined and professional. It’s very handy for managers to send out notices and announcements.

— Shu Pu,

founder and volunteer at Hong Kong Splash Swim School

I also love the email function in the app. All of my past messages were saved, so I could just cater them to a new audience instead of searching through my Gmail to find my last message. Parents got used to seeing the TeamSnap emails and would know exactly what was going on!

— Mindy Warden,

Saline Area Soccer Association

As a coach, I love that the girls and their parents can let us know who is going to be at practices, games or events ahead of time. I have TeamSnap on my phone, and I can easily see the numbers I’ll have when I’m making up practice plans. Or I can let the other coaches know that I will be absent or late, just by putting it on my phone.

— Landyn Carr,

Beaumont Benders Assistant Head Coach

I have found TeamSnap to be the most reliable, the most progressive and the most aggressive in growing their company and brand. All we have to do is tell (the folks at TeamSnap) what we need and what we’re looking for, and if they think it’s a great idea, they’ll look for something to cater to that need, or at least be open to the notion.

— David Burgee,

De Anza Force Director of Operations

Thanks to TeamSnap for keeping our calendar straight.

— Mt. Clemens Wolves,

Great app!

— Nashville United Soccer Academy,

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