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Ninja-like Customer Support

​“At TeamSnap, we believe that folks deserve the kind of support and service that we would want to receive ourselves. As a team manager myself, I know how it is to need something to go out or to get things working immediately. We have folks that work 365 days a year to bring you world-class support, usually within just a few hours.”

— Jenn Southan — Team Manager and TeamSnap Customer Experience Manager ,

Owings, Maryland

Forward-thinking and Fast-growing

​“I have found TeamSnap to be one: the most reliable, two: the most progressive, and three: the most aggressive in growing their company. All we have to do is tell them what we need and what we’re looking for, and if they think it’s a great idea, they’ll look for something to cater to that need or at least be open to the notion.”

— David Burgee — DeAnza Force Soccer Club Operations Director ,

San Francisco Area, California

Central Location For Everything

​“TeamSnap is a critical element of any modern coaching tool-kit. Having a central location for all team information, messaging and critical elements of team activities is an essential part of my management strategy. As practices change, game times fluctuate or great photos surface, TeamSnap allows me to instantly share these messages and memories with the entire team community. It’s also great on the go with a constantly updated mobile app that lets me communicate directly with players and parents from anywhere my busy schedule takes me. In today’s hectic world of youth sports, TeamSnap is a beacon of light for any coach and should be part of every league’s coaching arsenal.”

— Chip Lange — Youth Soccer and Baseball Coach,

Belmont/Redwood Shores, California

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