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- Chris Harrison.

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TeamSnap: Web and Mobile App to Manage Your Team or Group

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Our Scouting Team Websites Save You Tons of Time

Access phone and email list anytime from anywhere.

See essential contact information for each player on the Scouting team website or TeamSnap mobile app. Access email or phone numbers on the go from any where

Keep everyone in sync on the schedule.

Schedule and coordinate upcoming events including practices and games. Team metmbers can sync the team schedule with Outlook, iCal, or Google Calendar.

Track who is coming to meetings.

Members input whether they can make meetings on the web or their phone so you can plan accordingly. Never be left wondering again

Scouting Team Websites

TeamSnap’s scouting group management app and software tools take every aspect of organizing a scout troop and simplifies it. Our mobile and online app for group organizers, coaches, managers and parents will save you time and help you efficiently communicate with your whole troop.

Communicate instantly with everyone or just certain members.

Sync group calendars online in real time.

Broadcast last-minute changes so nobody shows up at the wrong place.

Track who’s bringing snacks, on volunteer duty or anything else you need.

And much more!

TeamSnap plans start at the low price of free, and we even start you off with a 21-day trial. It’s the ultimate scout group organization software and app! Spend less time organizing your scouts and more time learning, having fun and scouting.

With our award-winning online and mobile apps, you get a team management experience that simply works. There’s only one scouting troop website for you to update, and roster members instantly have the information in the palm of their hands.

Does your scout group also compete in sport events? TeamSnap also gives you the resources you need to make the most of every season. We offer a range of sports Skills & Drills to help you take your team to the next level, as well as a podcast and blog to keep you in-the-know on everything youth sports. With TeamSnap, you can do it all!

15 million players use TeamSnap.

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