The Complete Tournament Registration Solution

Easily handle tournament registration with TeamSnap

Do you use paper or email for tournament registration? There’s an easier, faster and better way to get the info you need: TeamSnap Tournaments!

TeamSnap Tournaments is your No. 1 tournament registration app. We make it easy to collect info and get everyone signed up for the big event.

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How does it work?

With our tournament registration software, you can handle registration for teams or individuals in minutes. Create forms online and share the links directly with registrants. Our process eliminates the back-and-forth of paper registration while simultaneously reducing your risk of paper cuts.

Handle registration for teams for individuals in minutes. Create your own forms.
Create your own customized divisions!

Can I create divisions?

Absolutely! If your tournament has multiple age groups or competition levels, we’ll help you sort them out. Easily set customized divisions, then add notes for registrants so they know which division is right for them. You’ll be in perfect harmony with your registrants, like Sonny & Cher.

Can I customize my forms?

Totally. With our online tournament registration software, you can customize acceptable payment methods (credit, cash or check), create volume discounts or design pricing structures and e-waivers. In minutes, you’ll have all the information you need to get the party started (great song, by the way).

Create your own customized forms with different payment methods.