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Conflicting game times. Last-minute cancellations. Incomplete playoff brackets.

Do these words send a chill down your spine? If so, you probably need help managing your tournament schedule. Try TeamSnap Tournaments!

How does it work?

No matter what type of tournament scheduling you need, our tournament software builds it faster than you can say “elimination round.” Just input your times, teams, locations and bracket style. Our tournament app does the rest.

Our software builds tournament brackets with your times, teams, and locations.
Schedule any type of tournament style that you can think of.

What types of tournaments can I schedule?

Every kind you can think of. Our tournament maker creates brackets for round robins, pool play, single elimination, double elimination, consolation rounds and more. It takes seconds, so even if a team cancels at the last minute (ya know, Murphy’s Law), you can rebuild your entire bracket in seconds. Huzzah!

Where can I update my schedule?

Anywhere! When you’re at a hectic tournament, you can’t count on finding a computer. That’s why our tournament scheduler is available on your mobile device. Easily update scores, build brackets and share important news right from your phone.

Don't use your computer to update your schedule, do it right from your phone!