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Fundraising Tools For Youth Sports Teams And Leagues

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The good news is there are a lot of easy-to-use fundraising tools for youth sports teams and leagues to help you fundraise. The bad news is there are A LOT of different platforms out there to help you fundraise. It’s a little overwhelming.

At LeagueSide, we’ve developed very specific use cases for each of these fundraising platforms. This guide will help you narrow down your choices of which one to use.

So here we go! (listed in alphabetic order):


FlipGive let’s you shop until you drop and feel good about it. A percentage of every online purchase goes back to your organization.

Creating a page is easy. Enter in your team information and a fundraiser page is created for you. FlipGive’s brand partners include Under Armour, Aldo, Fanatics, Apple, Buffalo Wild Wings, Nike, and more. Any purchase from these brands will send money back to your organization.

With the winter season right around the corner, this is an easy way to earn money for your organization without any additional work. Read more about how FlipGive works.




PLEDGE IT rewards you for dominating the box score. Unlike the other platforms, PLEDGE IT let’s you raise money based on your team’s performance.

Your fans pledge a donation for every touchdown, goal, or homerun (you can choose any sport and track any stat). As your team performs, you raise funds. Simply create a page, share it with your friends/family/fans, do well on the field, and start raising.

PLEDGE IT is a unique way to raise money and is fun for everyone who participates. Read more about how PLEDGE IT works.

Sports crowdfunding platforms

If you’re looking for a more traditional fundraising platform, there are a variety of crowdfunding website that you can use.

Piggybackr let’s you create a crowdfunding page for your team. To use Piggybackr, create your page, set goals, invite your teammates, and track how each member is doing. Piggybackr is the right tool for mobilizing your teammates to fundraise for your organization. Read more about how Piggbackr works.



RallyMe provides an easy way for you to accept contributions and donations. Although you can use this platform as a team or league, it’s probably best for individuals. If you’re trying to raise money for your kid, so you can pay for travel, equipment, or coaching, RallyMe is worth looking into. Read more about how RallyMe works.



There are also other non-sports specific crowdfunding platforms to check out. The most popular one we’ve seen is GoFundMe.

Keep in mind that these fundraising platforms typically take 5% of funds raised plus 2.9% + 30 cents for each credit card transaction.

Did we miss one? Send us an email at community@leagueside.com with what’s missing from this list.

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